Jane Austen Fest E-News 10-12-2023

Margaret Andersen, Chair

October 12, 2023

My dear Jane Austen Friends,

We have been busy, boy have we been busy!… working on the best Jane Austen Fest
yet. This is our 4th Fest and we are thrilled to invite you to our Fest again on February 9, 10, & 11, 2024, celebrating Jane Austen and the Regency Era.

We have added 1/2 day on Friday! In our evaluations of last year, several people asked if the Fest could be longer. (See we do read your evaluations). We will have a couple of workshops, a speaker, the Soiree and Film on Friday night so join us a little earlier than the past.

There will be old tried and true activities and as well as new..

We are having a Ball again this year but this year it is a Regency Masquerade Ball. You can come in a costume or regency attire. People in the Regency Era were great costume wearers.

They dressed up as Cleopatra, the Queen, a Chimney Sweep, a maid, whatever their fancy. You probably will want to wear a mask at least and if you don’t have one, we have a solution: enroll in the mask workshop. A prize will be given for the best costume. What fun!

One of our new workshops is the Jane Austen Silhouette in Acrylic where-in you will take home a 12 X 16 canvas of Jane to hang on your wall. An antique method will be used so the painting will actually looked aged.

I am happy to announce that the Lakeside Inn, where many of you stay, will be giving you a 10% discount when you use the code Jane Austen when you register.  I have been advised the earlier you register the better.  You can do this by phone (353.383.4101) or on line (www.Lakeside-inn.com).

Please come.  Consider this your personal invitation.  Registration will open November 1.


Margaret Jane Andersen

A Foot in the 21st Century and a Toe in the Regency Era

Making a Regency Mask

Regency Mask

In this workshop, attendees will decorate a blank/domino/half mask with a variety of embellishments: lace, feathers, faux jewels, and more. A stick will be provided so that the mask can be held over the face or removed at will, though the option of ribbon ties will also be available. Attendees will make 1 mask each. Color cannot be guaranteed.


Sense and Sensibility of Paper Quilling


This workshop will teach the the basic techniques of the wonderful art of paper quilling. Paper quilling uses paper strips that are cut, curled, and shaped to create designs. It’s origins can be traced back to the 15th Century; it was very popular in England during the 18th century and was considered a “proper pastime” for young women. It is mentioned in both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. It is easy to learn and you will create a beautiful Valentine card to take home.

Open to Beginners, as well as experienced quillers.


Regency Masquerade Ball


Our Third Ball will be a bit of a change of pace…it’s a Masquerade Ball! So dust off the costume in the trunk and blow off the dirt on your mask and join us for fun and lots of laughter. Masquerade Balls were sometimes public but often times were private. In 1810 a Benefit Masque was advertised where the monies went to an individual, sometimes actors would supplement their income in this way. Some of the costumes of the day included; maids, sultanas, shepherdesses, chimney sweepers, harlequins, devils, Cleopatra, the Queen, etc…got your imagination working? Often people kept trying to guess who each other were. A prize will be given for best costume. You can come in costume or not. But do come! Hors d’oeuvres an a glass of wine will be served.