Jane Austen was passionate about her work and because she was, she produced 6 novels in her short life of 41 years. During her lifetime, women didn’t have careers. And in the Regency Era there were certain things that were appropriate for Women.

Thank goodness mankind and womankind have evolved and there are few things that women cannot pursue today. So, to help women pursue their passion, the proceeds of the Jane Austen Fest will provide scholarships for women. We want to see women follow
their passion and help them succeed. Women who live in Florida, and are interested in literature, history, fashion and/or authorship are eligible. Contact Us if interested. “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but
what we do.” Jane Austen

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” Jane Austen

The Jane Austen Fest of Mount Dora seeks to establish an annual scholarship to an eligible woman residing in Florida who hope to pursue a degree in literature, history, fashion, theatre, or writing/authorship.

Eligible Candidates must:

  • Live in Florida
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Have 2 letters of recommendation

Submit either:

An essay of at least 100 words but not to exceed 1500 words answering the question: Why and how does Jane Austen influence today’s culture and what do you see continuing to unfold via her influence? (to be read at Fest)


A 3-page scene where 2-3 Austen characters are thrown into a modern day scenario. Poetic license is encouraged but the characters must still speak and think as they do in their respective novels. The characters must also be from different Austen novels. (to be performed at Fest)


From a pattern or your own design, stitch a Regency era stay, gown, and coat or bonnet using era appropriate fabric. At least one historical sewing technique must be implemented. Notes on why these garments were chosen, any struggles encountered, and what was learned are to be included. Images of the student wearing the garments as well as the garments themselves are to be sent to the selection committee. (To be read and displayed/worn at Fest)

Applications are due January 15

The Mount Dora Jane Austen Scholarship Committee will select the recipient of the scholarship.

The scholarship will be awarded by March.

Submissions will not be returned until read/displayed at Fest.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipient 2023

Scholarship Recipient 2023

Congratulations Elysse Harpster! Elysse has been a Fest volunteer the last two years. She...
Jessey Dickens

First Jane Austen Fest Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations! The first Jane Austen Fest Scholarship was awarded to Jessey Dickens who is a...
Shelby Delaney Our 2024 Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipient 2024

Congratulations Shelby Delaney! Congratulations to Shelby Delaney, our 2024 scholarship winner!...
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