About Us

We award a scholarship based upon the money raised at the Fest and donations.  The three years we have been holding the Fest we have awarded three scholarships amounting to over $4000.00.

Our Board consists of:

  • Margaret Andersen, President
  • Nancy Hurlbert, Treasurer
  • Betsy Arvelo Buzbee, Creative Director
  • Carolyn Lockerd, Registrar
  • Dallas Smith and Shareen Willis, Board Members at Large

…all dedicated to making your experience at the Jane Austen Fest wonderful.

We hope we have created an atmosphere in which to kindle new friendships, learn in a fun and knowledgeable environment and find new experiences to taste a bit of the Regency Era.

Mission Statement

In an atmosphere welcoming to all levels of interest and curiosity, the Jane Austen Fest-Mount Dora strives to educate by presenting a wide array of workshops, programs, and presentations in the excitement surrounding Jane Austen, the culture of the Regency Era, and the culture that evolved from it.

Jane Austen, as a woman, followed her passion and is a relevant role model for today’s women. And as an outgrowth of this Fest, we want to help today’s woman follow her passion by offering college scholarships.

A foot in the 21st Century and a toe in the Regency Era.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a serious and/or scholarly Jane Austen Fan?
A: No. We welcome you to this weekend celebration of this iconic woman. Learn her trail blazing ideas and thoughts that influence us even today. Maybe by the time the weekend is over you will be a serious fan. 🙂

Q: Must I dress in Regency era clothing?
A: We encourage you to dress anyway you like whether it is era clothing or not. Be comfortable and have fun in your exploration of Jane and the Regency era.

Q: Will there be a lot of walking?
A: The Fest will be held within 4-6 block radius of Annie Donnelly Park and walking is suggested. Bring comfortable walking shoes.

Q: Where can I stay if I don’t want to stay at the Lakeside Inn?
A: There are several B&B’s in Mount Dora – some pet friendly- as well as Airbnb’s. There are motels on the edge of town and if they are filled you might look up lodging in Tavares or Apopka, two towns next to Mount Dora.

Q: What I expect of the weather?
A: February in Central Florida on average is (Farenheit) 73 degrees  and as cool as 53 degrees. It can also rain. – the average rainfall is 3.2″. It can be hotter than 73 degrees and cooler than 53 degrees. Please check the weather channel before coming to be sure you pack what makes you most comfortable.

Q: What can my husband do if he wants to come with me but doesn’t want to attend the Fest?
A: There are many things to do in Central Florida. Golfing at the Mount Dora Country Club and fresh water fishing are very popular. Mount Dora includes the Modernism Museum. Palm Island is a lovely walk through a nature preserve and Sunday, we offer the  Dora Canal CruiseRusty Anchor – Embarks Yacht Club Pier, both offer possible sightings of alligators, countless bird species, otters, and many other animals. Downtown Mount Dora offers many one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars, crafts breweries, bakeries, and many specialty boutiques.

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