The Mount Dora Community Trust presents

The Mount Dora Jane Austen Fest

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Welcome to our very first Mount Dora Jane Austen Fest!  Excited we are!

Attending an event a few weeks ago when told about the Fest a woman said, “Mount Dora is the perfect place to have it in Florida.”  Perfect it is! Mount Dora is a quaint, sweet little hamlet of 14,000 people with a history since the 1890’s. A picturesque downtown with parks, shoppes and an historic Inn which will be the hub of the Fest.

Join us and step back into the Regency Era February 7, 8, and 9, 2020, through Workshops, Speakers, Entertainment, Tea Time, Jane Austen Dinner, Friday Night Soirée, Vendors, Camaraderie with other Jane Austen enthusiasts, and just plain fun!

We are in the beginnings of the planning for your fun and pleasure so check back with our website frequently to see the updates.  We are asking you to pre-register to get our discount.  And if you would like to be one of our angels, please donate what you wish.  

Thank you and Welcome!

Margaret Andersen
Chairperson of the Mount Dora Jane Austen Fest

It’s the year of the woman or so it has been said. Jane Austen was passionate about her
work and because she was. she produced 6 novels in her short life of 41 years. During
her lifetime, women didn’t have careers. And in the Regency Era there were certain
things that were appropriate for Women.