The Gift of Jane Austen

Margaret Andersen, Chair

My dear Jane Austen Friends,

We named this year’s Fest, the Gift of Jane Austen. And so, we offer YOU this gift – Our third annual Jane Austen Fest here in Mount Dora.

It’s a wonderful gift – this 18th century woman who wrote only 6 novels in her lifetime but has stood the test of time, whose works have been relevant for movies, plays and reading in the 21st Century, who is known the world over as the number one writer on many lists, has inspired many writers to research her life and written many thesis and hundreds of books about her, and is only a mere 247 years old this month! – having been born December 16 1775.

And at this season of gift giving, we present our gift to you. Or, perhaps you would like to offer the Fest as a gift to one of your friends or relatives during this holiday season. Last year’s Fest found this true…a father had given the Fest as a gift to his daughter … and a young man and woman came as a gift to each other.

This gift is available on our website Registration.

So, at this time of year we want to wish you all Happy Gift Giving (and receiving) and Happy Holidays to you all!

Margaret Jane Andersen
Jane Austen Fest

P.S.  See you at the Fest in February!