The Fashionable Figure: Secrets of the Regency Modiste

How does the Modiste so skillfully craft the cut of a coat or drape of a gown to flatter the individual figure? Perhaps, Gentle Reader, it is not the fashion but the figure itself which the Modiste transforms! Those crucial elements of fashion hidden from public view may make the difference in whether your coat or gown displays you to the greatest advantage. Come spend an hour with a Regency Modiste and learn the secrets of the fashionable figure, so that whether you are taking a refreshing turn about the room or promenading before admiring suitors of the ton, you may carry off the latest fashions to greatest effect! Our lady and gentleman models will display the results of their transformation before your eyes as you discover how to perfect your own silhouette. Historical costumers Jennie Chancey and Audrey Russell lead this entertaining and informative workshop.

Jennie Chancey

Presented by Jennie Chancey

Jennie Chancey is the owner and designer behind Sense & Sensibility Patterns, producing historical sewing patterns and online classes for fashions from the 1780s to 1950s. Jennie also led historical fashion tours for ten years in England and Europe, always ending with the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. She presented a workshop at the Mt. Dora festival in 2020 and looks forward to returning in 2024 to share techniques and tricks for achieving the perfect Regency silhouette!

Friday, February 9th

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Price: Free with registration

Location: Community Building Auditorium

Community Building Auditorium