Dear Jane Austen Friends

Regency Ball

As I think of the many gifts that Jane Austen has given me, which of course, includes her novels and characters, the whole culture of the Regency Era, the Regency attire, etc., but the one that stands out most to me is the friendships that I have developed around Jane. One of my very best friends I met through our interest in Jane Austen. Very few of our conversations do not have a mention of Jane, the Regency era or the latest regency dress we’ve seen on line. So, as I said in our first Jane Austen Fest, this is a place to make new friends and renew friendships of old.

We have been working diligently these past months trying to make this the best Fest yet. Our speakers are centered around Regency fashion and attire. You don’t have to come in costume but most do. Where else can you go for a weekend and live a fantasy life for 2 1/2 days than the Jane Austen Fest?  As we say “A Foot in the 21st Century and a Toe in the Regency Era”.

Some of our workshops are being repeated and some new have been added. All our workshop leaders are experienced and well-qualified in their various fields.  

And after some of the faux pas of last year’s Ball we hope we have learned some things and you will have more fun at this year’s Ball. 

We thank you for filling out the Evaluation Form from last year because this is how we learn and change. We hope you can make it a point to do it again after this year’s experience too.

Soon, we will have a volunteer tab on the website so if you want to help, you can see what we need help with.

Go now and register! Be part of it this time.


Margaret Jane