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Monday, 07 November 2022 14:19

A Very Pretty Workbag

Presented by Dr. Ann Wass

Women in Jane Austen’s time generally had hand sewing (or “work”) to do. Some of it was portable. A woman could put it in her workbag with her sewing supplies and take it along on visits so her hands were busy as she chatted with her hostess. 

In this workshop, you will be provided with pre-cut fabric pieces in a variety of prints along with the notions and sewing supplies you will need to complete your bag. 

A basic knowledge of hand sewing stiches is required. 

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Sunday, 30 October 2022 11:36

Shopping with Jane Austen in Fact and Fiction.

Jane Austen’s letters and novels have numerous references to shopping. She wrote in her letters about shopping in London and Bath. She and her characters shopped not only in those cities, but also in smaller towns—Basingstoke and Overton the nearest towns to Jane’s girlhood home, and the fictional Meryton, Highbury, and Sanditon. These references span 1798 to 1815. This was a time of transition in fashion, and the choices of Jane and her characters serve as a guide for these changes. In my presentation I will supplement her references with contemporary newspaper advertisements, fashion illustrations, and other period sources to present a timeline of fashion for this period.

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Tuesday, 09 November 2021 11:35

1815 London Fashion Album

Presented by: Dr. Ann Wass

In 1815 Jane Austen visited her brother In London as she was negotiating the writing of her novel, EMMA. While there, she visited the Prince Regent’s London residence, Carlton House, where the librarian gave her a tour. And, she and her niece, Fanny, took advantage of the many fine shops in London. (Fanny had a “letter full of Commissions” to fill for those back home.) Participants of the workshop will receive an assortment of fashion plates for the year 1815 and some newspaper advertisements from London shops. With these, participants will cut and paste to create their ow fashion album. Includes materials. Workshop limited to 20 students.

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