Tuesday, 29 October 2019 12:03

Elizabeth Philosophos Cooper Speaking at the Mount Dora Jane Austen Fest

The Jane Austen Society of North American (JASNA) is sending the President, Elizabeth Philosophos Cooper to be the keynote speaker to the Mount Dora Jane Austen Fest February 7, 8, & 9, 2020. Her talk is entitled

Jane Austen – Woman at Work.

When reading Pride and Prejudice in high school, she fell in love with Jane Austen for the first time. “I think Austen’s brilliance, humor and critical eye not only invite readers into a bygone era but continue to speak truth today. Her novels provide me with a lot of joy. I laugh out loud every time I read them. She has a gift of continually delighting”, she said. Her love for Austen has spilled over into her front yard. A few years ago she installed a Little Free Library with a Jane Austen theme. She keeps one or two Austen books available in the library for passersby to pick up in the hope of inspiring others to read and love Austen, too.

Cooper is a second-generation JASNA member and has been one since 1992. It was a welcome respite from the world of sports that came with raising four athletic sons.

This year JASNA is celebrating her 40th anniversary. They are strengthening the society by working to support the needs of the regions to enhance member experience and promote the reading of Jane Austen among diverse audiences. Membership in JASNA is open to anyone interested in the life and works of Jane Austen.

Proceeds from this Fest will provide scholarships for women.

Registration will begin on November 1st.