Jane Austen Fest Workshops

We will be adding our workshops as soon as we have confirmation.

Members of one of the oldest Lawn Bowling clubs in the country will teach the workshop. There is evidence that Lawn Bowling dates back 5000 years. Bowling was so well established in England by 1299 AD that a group of players organized the Southhampton Old Bowling Green Club and is the oldest established bowling club in the world that is still active. In the Regency era, Lawn Bowling was considered appropriate for Ladies, so join us Ladies for this active workshop and learn more.

Presented by Kathryn Page

No Regency woman left the house without a bonnet.   Create your own silk Poke hat or Turban in our creative hands-on workshop.

Milliner Kathryn Page will show you how to complete your regency look and style your own hat with provided materials.

Presented By Jan Yoshioka

Saturday Class (Beginner)

This "Beginner" 3-hour workshop will teach you the basic techniques of this beautiful old art form using paper strips that are cut, curled and shaped to create designs. Paper quilling is a decorative art, and its origins can be traced back to the 15th Century; it was very popular in England during the 18th century and was considered a "proper pastime" for young women. Quilling is mentioned in both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility! It is easy to learn and you will create a beautiful Valentine card to take home.

Presented By Jan Yoshioka

Sunday Class (Intermediate)

This "Intermediate" 3-hour workshop will take your knowledge of Paper Quilling to the next level by learning a few new techniques to enhance your designs. (If you have some prior knowledge of Quilling but missed the Beginner Workshop on Saturday, you are still welcome to join in!) It is easy to learn and you will create a beautiful "Regency Bonnet" card to take home.