Jane Austen Fest Workshops

Margaret Kinsey is a certified teach of Embroiderers' Guild of American (EGA). Join this workshop geared to the beginner and will also be enjoyed by the more advanced stitcher. It will teach the basic embroidery stitches by the ore advanced stitcher  It will teach the basic embroidery stitches and is inspired by the delicate patterns from the Regency Period. Bring your own embroidery hoop.

Members of one of the oldest Lawn Bowling clubs in the country will teach the workshop. There is evidence that Lawn Bowling dates back 5000 years. Bowling was so well established in England by 1299 AD that a group of players organized the Southhampton Old Bowling Green Club and is the oldest established bowling club in the world that is still active. In the Regency era, Lawn Bowling was considered appropriate for Ladies, so join us Ladies for this active workshop and learn more.

Presented By Jan Yoshioka

As referenced in Sense and Sensibility, Paper Quilling was a popular past time in Jane Austen’s era.  In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of this very beautiful and versatile art form using paper strips.  Anyone can master the simple shapes, you just need good manual dexterity and the ability to work in miniature.  Fee includes tool, paper, handouts and a project to complete in class.  You will be hooked just as Elinor and Lucy were!

Presented by Kathryn Page

No Regency woman left the house without a bonnet.   Create your own silk Poke hat or Turban in our creative hands-on workshop.

Milliner Kathryn Page will show you how to complete your regency look and style your own hat with provided materials.

Presented By Herbert Weed

Painting miniatures was popular during the Regency Era.  Learn the history of painting miniature images and what one did with them!  Participants will be assembling two provided fine art prints. One will be as a pendant and the other as a small frame suitable for hanging or placing on a small easel, also provided, to sit upon a shelf or table.

Presented by Maureen Patrick

Our Tarot leader, Diane Wilkes,  has had to cancel her time with us due to health issues.

We wish her good health and recovery.

We are fortunate that Maureen Patrick has stepped up to the plate and is taking Ms. Wilkes place.

While Tarot cards first gained popularity in Europe and Great Britain as "Tarocchi"; a parlor game, the cards were, by the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, routinely used by amateurs and professional readers to reveal unseen forces and events.  Ms. Patrick's workshop not only places the cards in their authentic historical context for the period io Jane Austen's life, but will re-create a salon of the years 1790-1820.  Registrants will ask a question of Austen-ish character and the cards will answer!  Immediately after the workshop, registrants and others will have the opportunity for a private in-depth reading by Ms. Patrick for only $15.00. 

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