What Jane and Her Friends Wore

Presented By Jennie Chancey

Workshop Description: "Jennie Chancey has detailed photos of dozens of extant garments from the 1790s through 1820s that she has studied in museum collections both in the US and abroad. She will share her favorites through a slideshow, explaining how these period garments were constructed, what fabrics were used, and how they were worn. Jennie will end off her workshop with a demonstration of a Regency ensemble from the chemise outward and will answer your questions about how to reproduce your own Austen-inspired fashions!


Jennie Chancey has been sewing since she was a youngster and designing historical patterns since 1996, when she founded Sense & Sensibility Patterns.. Her original Regency Gown Pattern, published in 1998, continues to be a bestseller around the world, and Jennie has expanded to include six other Regency Era patterns, plus patterns from the Georgian, Edwardian, and Titanic eras, the 1940s and 1950s. Since 2009, Jennie has taken groups of fellow historical fashion and Jane Austen enthusiasts to visit stately homes, museums, and costume collections in England, always including a costumed outing at the famed Jane Austen Festival in Bath. Jennie is thrilled to be part of the first Jane Austen Festival in Mt. Dora and looks forward to visiting with her fellow Janeites.


Saturday, February 8, 2020

2-3 PM – What Jane & Her Friends Wore, Jennie ChauncyCity Community Center Auditorium

Limited sitting. Please register early.


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