Jane Austen Fest Speakers

Liz Philosophos Cooper is the President of JASNA. Liz is a second-generation JASNA member who fell in love with Austen’s work as a high school student. A member of JASNA since 1992, she has actively participated in local JASNA activities and served as JASNA’s Vice-President for Regions from 2013-2018 and Regional Coordinator of Wisconsin prior to that. A popular speaker, she is a contributing writer to Jane Austen’s Regency World and co-edits Wisconsin Region’s A Year with Jane Austen calendar. Her talk from the Washington DC AGM, “The Apothecary and the Physician: Emma’s Mr. Perry” was published in Persuasions 38.

We enthusiastically welcome Devoney Looser, PhD, Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University and author of The Making of Jane Austen to our first Jane Austen Fest as our main speaker. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and a National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar.

Presented By Jennie Chancey

Workshop Description: "Jennie Chancey has detailed photos of dozens of extant garments from the 1790s through 1820s that she has studied in museum collections both in the US and abroad. She will share her favorites through a slideshow, explaining how these period garments were constructed, what fabrics were used, and how they were worn. Jennie will end off her workshop with a demonstration of a Regency ensemble from the chemise outward and will answer your questions about how to reproduce your own Austen-inspired fashions!

Presented by Betsy Bashore


Betsy has been involved in costume construction for over 35 years and has had the opportunity to study in numerous  collections, including West Point, the Missouri Historical Society, Ohio Historical Society, Rensallier County H.S. , the Susan Green Collection at Genesee Country Village and Museum, and Royal Ontario Museum.

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